Try our calculators for a better irrigation system disposition. First, you will need to complete the bucket test below and define your flow rate. This will determine the results you get on the different calculators.

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Calculating your flow rate

  • 1. Place a 9 litre bucket under your garden tap, and turn the tap on full boar.
  • 2. Using a stopwatch, time how long it takes the water to reach capacity.
  • 3. Enter your results in the fields below to calculate your flow rate:
How many seconds did it take to fill the bucket?
How many
seconds did
it take to fill
the bucket?
What size was your bucket?
What size
was your

(In litres)

Your flow rate:*


Litres per minute
*The calculator takes off 20% to allow for friction loss in the irrigation system
How many drippers/tricklers can I run?

It will depend on your soil type for which dripper or trickler you choose to install. You can use the hand test to check the best suited product based on your garden soil conditions. See Handy Tips

What length of drip line can I run?

Drip Eze and Water Weeper are used for garden beds and emit low water usage. Calculate which suits your garden.

How many sprays can I run?

There are multiple spray types you can choose from, select a spray that will suit your garden needs. See our chart to select the right spray


See Handy Tips